How To Make A Locket

Published: 05th July 2007
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I've been making jewelry for years but have never attempted making a locket. That seemed too complicated.

Then my 6-year-old son presented me with a necklace which he made himself. He is an creative kid and is always inventing something or other. This time, he invented a heart locket.

I was shocked. It was a pretty transparent blue heart on a necklace long enough to go over my head. I could put a small item in it, which would make that a locket.

How did he do it?
He went to the bookshop and saw this plastic heart shaped padlock. He bought that and a length of string. Then he took apart the lock, removed the hook and then strung the string through the lock. He knotted the ends of the string together and presented me with his masterpiece. Okay, it doesn't look as stunning as the ones you might buy at a jeweler but I was proud of my little inventor.

Back to the topic. How do you make a locket?

The first thing is to either buy something that can be used as a pendant or make one yourself. If you can find a small, flat box that can be opened, a tiny photo frame that's small enough and pretty enough to wear around your neck, that would be perfect. These can be worn as closed lockets that can hide something small.

If not, some thick cardboard, glue and a small photo would do just as well for a pretty.

    1. Put 2 pieces of cardboard together.

    1. Draw a heart shape on the top cardboard

    1. Cut out a pair of hearts.

    1. Cut a hole in the center of the top heart to display the photo through

    1. Punch 2 holes through the top of the bottom heart. String a ribbon through the holes and tie it. The ribbon should be long enough to go over the head of the recipient

    1. Fold the edges of the hearts inwards

    1. Glue the touching edges of the hearts together and let that dry. You should have enough space to slide a small photo beneath the two hearts.

    1. Slide in the photo.

You now have a home made locket. Decorate the cardboard with glitter and metallic pens. You can even write a message on the back of the pendant.

If you want more professional lockets, you should be able to find some within your budget at the locket price comparison site

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