Getting Teenagers To Read

Published: 28th September 2006
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Why should teenagers read?

A person, young or old invariable learns from reading. Typically, one would

  • Read non fiction books to acquire knowledge

  • Read fiction books to improve language skills.

Unfortunately, even teens who used to love reading as children may lose interest in books when they reach their teenage years. The possible reasons for this are many. It could be due to a lack of time. It might be more fun surfing the net, shopping or
playing computer games. Then there are the other distractions that modern life has to offer.

Maybe it could be because reading is no longer enjoyable. They read what the subjects they earn in school dictates. They lose the joy of reading as they associate readingnpurely with studying for exams.

A way to go is to introduce fun books that teens would love. Notice how movies like Spider-man captured the attention of teens as well as other agengroups alike. The romance subplot, fantasy elements and excitement keeps thenaudience at the edge of the seats. If only books could be like that.

Comic books come close. Very often, comic books are put in section for teensnand educators may frown on them as they are not half as beneficial as novels,nbut are they? Why do many teens prefer to flip through a comic book than annovel?

Easy reading. Fantasy stories that provide an escape into a more interestingnworld?

Problem with comic books is that they are mainly graphics with few words. Don't pick up much language skills reading comics. At least not as much as novels or short stories but they are a whole lot more fun than most slow moving novels.

If only there are well written books, novels or even short stories that hold a teens attention as well as a comic book. These are hard to find but do exist.

I'm a comic book fan myself. Going through fiction works at the bookstore, besides the movie adaptations (yawn) I found some interesting books based on comic books. One I loved was a very well written collection of short stories about Spider-man. It had the fantasy elements of a comic book but as ananthology. Books like these are a great way to reintroduce the love of reading
to a teenager.

Another series of books that teens would love is the newly written sfx fantasy series. The books are based in a fantasy world, with a romantic plot that teens can relate to, as well as fantasy elements that would keep them turning the pages. Introduce your teenagers to fiction books like these rekindle their interest in reading.

So far the book Warrior Girl is a coming of age romance, super-hero style that teens would love. The second book, Lost In Another Realm continues the love story started in Warrior Girl and builds on the fantasy elements. The story climaxes in the epic fantasy The Dark Warriors. Written with the imagination and fantasy elements found in comic books, but with the elegance of a novel, books like these will help rekindle a teen's interest in reading.

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